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The law firm of Simon, Fitzgerald, Cooke, Reed and Welch is not only the oldest bankruptcy firm in the state, but we truly care about the best interests of our clients and their long-term financial health. This includes our clients' credit reports and scores and ways to improve upon them.

We want you to have a realistic understanding and not a sugar-coated answer to credit scores. The reality is that credit scores do not improve over night. However, after receiving a discharge of your debt in bankruptcy you'll have the ability to start fresh and move toward financial stability and a brighter future.

Ways to Improve Your Credit

You've filed for bankruptcy, now what? The Louisiana bankruptcy lawyers at Simon, Fitzgerald, Cooke, Reed and Welch, care about your well-being, not just before and during the bankruptcy process, but afterward. We will attempt to answer your questions about your credit and how to improve it. Free credit report on your first visit.

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Credit bureaus and credit reports

Raise Your Credit Score

Oftentimes, people come to our offices afraid that filing for bankruptcy will negatively affect their credit score or believe it already has. However, if you have filed for bankruptcy or are considering it, your credit score was likely low to begin with. Many times, credit scores improve within a year after bankruptcy.

Here are some other things to help improve your credit score:

  • Check for accuracy: Do you know if your credit score is even accurate? Credit bureaus can have different and even inaccurate records. Check to make sure everything is accurate.
  • Start good habits: The most simple, yet most effective thing you can do is start good habits and make payments on time. Do as best you can to avoid the financial traps that initially caused you to file for bankruptcy relief.
  • Don't open more credit cards: You may be tempted with offers of low interest rates, but limiting your credit care use is the best bet. Do not open multiple new credit lines.
  • Low balances: If you choose to use credit cards, do not max them out every month. Try to keep a relatively low balance that you can pay in full each month.
  • Student loans: Do you have student loans? If you are in default on payments, try to get back on track. Talk to your student loan creditors about a loan rehabilitation program or a possible loan consolidation.

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