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debt relief Archives

Debt relief litigation continues for Circuit City

Sometimes, a Louisiana business will arrange a reorganization of finances and business structure in order to overcome a financial crisis. It may happen that after a particular debt relief process is activated, something occurs that necessitates a change in action. For example, major retailer Circuit City filed for reorganization bankruptcy nearly a decade ago but soon afterward determined that a complete liquidation was necessary.

Hot yoga founder seeks debt relief amid several legal battles

Many Louisiana business owners know what it's like to face serious financial crises. Sometimes, poor spending habits or mismanagement of company funds creates economic hardships that are difficult to resolve. Other times, the current state of an economy negatively impacts business owners and private citizens in a particular region. Then again, some business owners seek debt relief when they come upon hard times financially during legal battles associated with their businesses.

Movie filtering company files for debt relief to protect itself

VidAngel is a movie filtering company that offers its customers a specialized service that allows them to remove unsavory language or scenes from already existing films on major venues, such as Netflix, Amazon and other video streaming sites. VidAngel says it currently has millions of dollars in the bank. Some Louisiana readers may wonder, then, why the company has filed for debt relief protection.

Beware of debt relief scams

When Louisiana residents or others fall upon hard times financially, they may feel overwhelmed and desperate for help. The problem is, not everyone knows where to find legitimate debt relief assistance. In fact, many pursue what they believe to be valid avenues offering financial help only to later learn they have been scammed.

Students will receive debt relief now that scammers were punished

Many Louisiana parents are currently helping their children navigate the college loan application process. Years from now, some could wind up needing debt relief if they are not able to satisfy their loans. It's not always a student's fault when serious debt arises, however.

Misguided debt relief information may worsen financial problems

One of the most important things a Louisiana resident can do when facing serious financial crisis is research state laws regarding debt alleviation options. It's also crucial to make sure one fully understands any and all implications of a proposed alternative debt relief plan. Some people in the past have met with further frustration beyond their initial financial problems when they mistakenly thought debt settlement was a better choice than bankruptcy.

Breathe a sigh of debt relief with one of these options

Even when the Louisiana economy is strong, the average resident may run into financial trouble at some point in life. Various factors contribute to such problems, with no two situations being exactly the same but with many having some issues in common. For instance, loss of employment tends to create almost immediate money problems for many people. Sometimes, serious financial crises may prompt people to seek immediate debt relief options.

Some say Sears in serious need of debt relief

Louisiana baby boomers may fondly recall paging through the Sears catalogues that would arrive at their doors on occasion in their childhoods. The department store mogul is reportedly hanging by a thread financially, and some say the company is in serious need of immediate debt relief. In fact, a hedge fund connected with ESL Investments Inc. has apparently loaned Sears more than $1 billion in the past several years.

Hoping debt relief comes before a creditor calls again?

Anyone facing current credit card debt or other financial problems may relate to the phrase "ringing off the hook" where their telephone is concerned. Incessant calls from creditors can cause someone to become desperate in the need for immediate debt relief. However, some Louisiana residents may not know that there are actually federal laws governing what creditors can and cannot say or do in their attempts to collect debts.

Companies accused of widespread debt relief crimes

The ebb and flow of the nation's economy has more than one Louisiana resident struggling to stay afloat financially. In fact, it's not uncommon at all nowadays to go through some sort of financial crisis in life. The problem is, some people are being duped into debt relief schemes where they wind up in worse financial condition than they were to start.

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