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debt relief Archives

National Association of Realtors advocates for debt relief

When Louisiana homeowners sell their properties at a gain, they may receive waivers from capital gains taxes. However, the National Association of Realtors has recently stepped up to say that equivalent debt relief should be permanently included in tax laws for homeowners whose investments do not turn out so well. NAR representatives speaking on the topic recently stated that the scales are currently tipped against homeowners facing financial crises; in other words, the Internal Revenue Code favors those doing well and penalizes those who lose their homes to mortgage debt.

Can paying taxes help with debt relief?

Farmers in Louisiana may be among others in the nation who say that letting potential tax breaks pass them by has helped them in the long-run from an economic standpoint. Many farmers have high financial obligations for machinery. To overcome such issues, some have taken to holding off on new purchases as a creative form of debt relief.

Financial problems often temporary with appropriate debt relief

It's not uncommon for Louisiana residents or others across the country to encounter bumps in their roads to financial stability. Any number of issues from unexpected medical bills and job loss to frivolous spending can negatively impact finances. The good news is that most financial problems are temporary, especially if the person involved knows how to access immediate debt relief support.

Company hopes debt relief measures will help it get back on track

Many Louisiana business owners know what it's like to face serious financial challenges that threaten the bottom line. The good news is that most financial crises are temporary. How long it takes to rectify a particular situation often has to do with what type of approach the business owner takes with regard to debt relief solutions.

Reality TV stars apparently in need of debt relief

What is it about reality television shows that attracts so many viewers? Perhaps it's somewhat therapeutic to see that other people have ups and downs in life, making one's own problems feel a bit a less isolating. When it comes to financial crises, it seems even TV celebrities veer off the tracks once in a while. That's been evident on the Real Housewives of New Jersey show, where more than one cast member has discovered the need for debt relief.

The importance of checking credentials for debt relief assistance

Many Louisiana residents, like others throughout the nation, are currently wading their ways through some extremely turbulent financial waters. For some, things have merely gotten out of hand following a holiday shopping season, while others have been struggling to stay afloat for some time. There are also those whose problems arose when acute crises arose, such as urgent medical needs or sudden, unexpected job losses. Any of these situations may warrant a search for debt relief assistance although a recent situation calls to mind the importance of seeking support from valid sources.

Debt relief may be on the way for college grads

In recent years, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding loans given to college students in Louisiana and throughout the nation. Many students say lenders took advantage of them because they were supposedly qualified for loans they had absolutely no means to repay. Thousands of students have since graduated from college and face urgent need for debt relief.

Debt relief litigation continues for Circuit City

Sometimes, a Louisiana business will arrange a reorganization of finances and business structure in order to overcome a financial crisis. It may happen that after a particular debt relief process is activated, something occurs that necessitates a change in action. For example, major retailer Circuit City filed for reorganization bankruptcy nearly a decade ago but soon afterward determined that a complete liquidation was necessary.

Hot yoga founder seeks debt relief amid several legal battles

Many Louisiana business owners know what it's like to face serious financial crises. Sometimes, poor spending habits or mismanagement of company funds creates economic hardships that are difficult to resolve. Other times, the current state of an economy negatively impacts business owners and private citizens in a particular region. Then again, some business owners seek debt relief when they come upon hard times financially during legal battles associated with their businesses.

Movie filtering company files for debt relief to protect itself

VidAngel is a movie filtering company that offers its customers a specialized service that allows them to remove unsavory language or scenes from already existing films on major venues, such as Netflix, Amazon and other video streaming sites. VidAngel says it currently has millions of dollars in the bank. Some Louisiana readers may wonder, then, why the company has filed for debt relief protection.

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