Are you facing credit card debt for similar reasons?

You may be one of many Louisiana residents who are currently struggling with finances. Perhaps you recently suffered a decrease in income or someone in your household lost a job. With the economy the way it is, it doesn’t take much nowadays to go from minor money problems to serious financial debt. For many people, what really tips the scales the wrong way is credit card debt.

Various issues can prompt a high credit card balance that you are unprepared to meet. Maybe you or a family member needed medical treatment. It’s no secret that any medical care, especially surgery, is expensive. In fact, medical bills are one of the most common causes of serious credit card debt.

If a card balance remains unpaid at the end of a billing cycle, interest will be charged. After a few payment cycles of unpaid balances, you may find yourself struggling to recover. The good news is that there are debt relief options available if finances get out of hand, such as filing for bankruptcy.

At Simon Fitzgerald LLC, in Louisiana, an experienced legal team is fully prepared to help you determine a best course of action to resolve credit card debt problems, as well as other financial issues. By requesting a meeting, you can learn more about the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. A solid debt relief plan can prevent further damage to your credit score and can help you lay the groundwork for a stronger financial future.