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When you need your bankruptcy matters handled by experienced and highly qualified attorneys, you want a firm like Simon Fitzgerald LLC. We represent individuals in Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We are committed to assisting our clients in making informed decisions to resolve financial problems, whether they are dealing with medical bills and cash payday loans or car note and car repossession problems, or even garnishments, home foreclosures, and sheriff sales. We have offices located conveniently throughout Louisiana, including in Alexandria, LA. Contact our experienced Alexandria bankruptcy attorney and schedule a free initial consultation. The initial consultation with one of our experienced Alexandria, LA bankruptcy attorneys is FREE. In most Chapter 13 cases, there are no upfront attorney fees. Court costs are normally paid prior to filing but may be paid in installments. Fees and Costs for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy are further described on our Fee and Costs page.

Alexandria Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

In Alexandria, Louisiana, people can file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy to get rid of their debts. This type of debt relief can be used by individuals who are struggling with medical expenses and credit card debts. People who are below the state’s median income level can typically file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If their income is above the median income, they may not be able to qualify for this type of bankruptcy. However, if their income is slightly higher, they may still benefit from this type of bankruptcy.

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Alexandria Chapter 13 Bankruptcy ‑ No Attorney Fees Up Front

If you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy in Alexandria, contact an experienced attorney at Simon Fitzgerald LLC. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy can help people keep their homes even if they’re behind on their payments. Before people can start considering filing for bankruptcy, they must first make sure that they have a regular and stable income. If people have a stable and regular income, they should consider filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In most Chapter 13 cases, we do not require you to pay the attorney fees in advance because the fees can be included in the monthly payments made to the Chapter 13 trustee. Court costs are normally paid prior to filing. (SEE FEES & COSTS)

The Alexandria office handles cases filed in the Western District of Louisiana “Alexandria Division.” The Alexandria Division contains the 10th largest city in Louisiana, which is Alexandria, LA. Other notable cities in that division are Ball, Bunkie, Ft. Polk, Jena, Leesville, Natchitoches, Pineville, and Winnfield.

The Alexandria Division of the United States Bankruptcy Court is comprised of the following parishes: Avoyelles, Catahoula, Concordia, Grant, La Salle, Natchitoches, Rapides, Vernon, and Winn. If you reside in one of these parishes, your case will be filed with the United States Bankruptcy Court, Western District of Louisiana, in the Alexandria Division.

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Alexandria Bankruptcy Judge, Chapter 13 Trustee, and Chapter 7 Trustee

Judge Stephen D. Wheelis presides over all bankruptcy cases in the Alexandria Division. The Chapter 13 trustee in the Alexandria Division is John C. Thornburg, and the Chapter 7 trustees are Brett Brunson and Rocky Wilson.

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Simon Fitzgerald LLC is known for its high professional standards and for providing its clients with the best possible legal services. It costs nothing to talk with us. Call or contact our office to schedule a FREE and confidential appointment with one of our Alexandria Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys. Contact us to schedule your free initial consultation by calling 318-625-7505. Phone and Video Appointments are Available. Simon Fitzgerald LLC, is Louisiana’s oldest bankruptcy law firm. Click here to find out if you qualify or for your Free Case Evaluation.