Chapter 13 filing fees are easy to afford

Many people, when struggling with ever increasing debts, are unsure of what to do. People in debt might know that their income is not nearly enough to pay off their existing debts along with interest. However, they are likely to believe that bankruptcy is an expensive and inaccessible option.

The belief that filing for bankruptcy is expensive and, therefore, not worthwhile is a common myth. Bankruptcy has the primary purpose of ensuring that those filing are in a better position financially after they have gone through the bankruptcy process. People filing may need to make an initial investment, but they should consider the ways that it could help their financial situation in the future.

What are the initial filing fees for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

When you are filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it is important that you understand the initial costs that will be associated with the filing. You do not need to be daunted by these fees, but it is important to make sure that they are factored into your plan.

The fee associated with filing for Chapter 13 is $310.00. This fee is owed to the United States Courts at the same time that you make your filing. It is ideal if you are able to pay this up front. If this is not possible given your financial situation, the bankruptcy court may allow for the fee to be paid in installments.

If you are interested in the possibility of making payments in installments, it is important that you exercise caution in doing this. The reason for this is because you are effectively taking out a loan from the courts. You may be perceived by the courts as less capable of repaying other debts if you are already in debt with the courts.

However, the filing fee is not a huge sum, and if you manage to pay this up front, you will start on the right foot when it comes to successfully repaying your debts. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy in Louisiana, it is important that you consider whether it is the right choice for you.