Person holding multiple credit cards

Will increased credit card debt lead to more bankruptcies?

Over the last few years, some consumers in Louisiana have found themselves in a money crunch as prices have continued to rise, but wages have not kept pace. This money…

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Magnifying glass over paper with graphs

What cannot be discharged in bankruptcy?

If you are getting behind on your bills in Louisiana, you may consider filing for bankruptcy. Before you make this move, be aware that some debt is not dischargeable in…

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Bankruptcy forms

Do you pay for pre-bankruptcy credit counseling in Louisiana?

Pre-bankruptcy credit counseling is mandatory before filing for bankruptcy in Louisiana or anywhere in the United States. You must complete the counseling before declaring bankruptcy. Failure to do so will…

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Woman's hands holding bills

Should you file for Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy?

Many Louisiana residents have problems with debt, and many cannot foreseeably pay it off. After exhausting other options, bankruptcy might be the way to go. Comparing Chapter 7 and Chapter…

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Man looking over financial documents

Can student loans be discharged by bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy in Louisiana is a big step. Although you must meet certain legal guidelines to qualify for total or partial debt forgiveness, time is of the essence if…

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