Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 — Providing A Chance To Catch Up And Save Your Home And Vehicle

If you have regular income but cannot afford to pay all your creditors, Chapter 13 bankruptcy puts foreclosure, repossessions, and debt collections on hold and provides breathing room, and allows you to pay only that portion of your unsecured debts you can afford over time. Most Chapter 13 cases do not pay all unsecured debt, and some cases pay nothing to unsecured creditors. With some exceptions, those debts not paid in a Chapter 13 plan are discharged.

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The Many Advantages Of Chapter 13

In a Chapter 13 repayment plan, your unsecured debts can, in most cases, be substantially reduced or eliminated. You get instant relief from creditor actions and gradually pay only that portion of your debts that you can afford. You will make a fixed monthly payment for a minimum of 36 months up to a maximum of 60 months, based primarily on your ability to pay. At the end of the plan, all remaining dischargeable debt is eliminated. You don’t forfeit any assets except for those you wish to surrender.

The majority of bankruptcy petitions in Louisiana are filed under Chapter 13. Chapter 13 offers both immediate and long-term relief and is generally considered a less harsh bankruptcy than Chapter 7.

  • Stop foreclosure and repossession — Your mortgage arrears or past due car payments can be rolled into your repayment plan. Vehicle payments can quite often be reduced.
  • Prevent wage garnishment — Your take-home pay will not be seized by creditors.
  • End the creditor harassment — No more annoying phone calls or threatening letters. The automatic stay prevents creditors from contacting you or taking any legal action against you to attempt to collect a debt.
  • Restructure your vehicle and other secured loans except for home mortgage loans.
  • Free yourself from constant stress.

File For Chapter 13 — No Upfront Fees

In most cases, our legal fees are included in your Chapter 13 and are paid over time through your Chapter 13 Plan. If you cannot afford to pay the $310 court costs, the costs may be paid in installments with as little as $155 down.

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