Forms and Links for Current Clients

Current Clients Forms and Quick Links

🔒 Login To Your Chapter 13 Case:

  • National Data Center (View Your Chapter 13 Case Information) – To monitor your Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, you can create a member login to review the payments received by the Trustee, the claims being paid, and the balance owed. Debtors must ensure that Trustee payments are made timely and correctly, as keeping up with the bankruptcy plan payments and promptly communicating any significant changes in financial circumstances are vital responsibilities.

💳 Your Chapter 13 Plan Payments Online:


  • E-Pay – Automated Online Chapter 13 Plan Payments (Alexandria Only) – This service provides an automated online system for Chapter 13 plan payments, exclusively available for our clients in the Alexandria division. This service streamlines the payment process, allowing individuals to manage their Chapter 13 payments securely and conveniently through an online platform.

📚 Financial Management Course: Post-Filing Debtor Education (2nd Course):

  • Sage Personal Finance – Sage Personal Finance offers an award-winning, post-filing bankruptcy education course available 24/7, with immediate certificate delivery and free court filing. The following handout discusses the two simple ways to complete the mandatory Debtor Education course requirement for bankruptcy.  Click here:  Sage Personal Finance Debtor Education Instructions (PDF) 

📋 Shreveport, Alexandria, and Monroe Forms:

📝 General Administrative Forms

Address and Income Change Forms

  • Change of Address (Fillable PDF): Update your mailing address with our office using this form. Please email it to your assigned paralegal or fax it to 318-868-8966 for Shreveport/Monroe/Alexandria or 337-456-5465 for Lafayette and Lake Charles.


Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Forms and Guides


Incurring New Debt During Chapter 13 Bankruptcy


Chapter 13 Plan Payment Instructions



Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a current client and have questions about any of the following, please click on the relevant section below:

  • Starting Your Case – The questions in this section address the initial steps and common concerns after filing for bankruptcy, including handling inquiries, additional appointments, personal information changes, creditors, and issues like harassment or asset seizures.


  • Managing Your Payments – The questions in this section guide individuals through payment management in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case, including viewing payment history, understanding payment schedules, handling payroll deductions, payment methods, and dealing with missed payments or plan changes.


  • Tax Return and Refund Questions – This section focuses on the relationship between bankruptcy and tax matters, detailing the differences between tax returns and refunds, how bankruptcy affects them, and the obligations or rules to follow while in Chapter 13.


  • Borrowing Money and Incurring New Debt – The questions in this section guide you in acquiring and managing new debts during Chapter 13, including buying or financing cars, home purchases or refinancing, and obtaining student or other loans.


  • Dealing with Changes During Your Case – The questions in this section explore the varied scenarios that may arise during Chapter 13, including changes in financial circumstances, job, income, marital status, and how to handle legal motions, conversions, or dismissals.


  • After your Case – The questions in this section outline the essential post-bankruptcy processes in Chapter 13, such as receiving the discharge, obtaining the vehicle title, and disputing inaccuracies on the credit report, guiding individuals through the final stages of the bankruptcy process.

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Are you a current client with questions about your case? Feel free to call the numbers at the top of this page to contact your paralegal. You can also Ask Our Bankruptcy Experts an anonymous question and receive an email answer, Learn Key Credit & Bankruptcy Facts, or Download our E-book. Your path to financial stability is our priority, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.