Credits Card Debt & Financial Stability

Many Louisiana residents are doing their best to stay afloat financially. Any number of circumstances can cause difficulty just to make ends meet. It can be tempting to swipe a credit card when cash flow is short; however, this often sparks credit card debt that winds up making one’s overall financial situation worse.

Many people have had to use credit cards to pay medical bills or to keep food on the table when a primary breadwinner in a household loses a job. For others, using a credit card was their only means for paying taxes. Trouble starts when plans to pay off a monthly balance do not pan out. Some people respond to offers they receive in the mail for debt consolidation programs but such offers are often schemes with hidden fees that leave people wondering why they just seem to keep owing more and more.

Missed payments can bring down a credit score. This is why some people choose to file for bankruptcy when credit card debt gets out of hand. Filing for bankruptcy is often a first step toward rebuilding credit; it can also help homeowners avoid foreclosure in many cases.

Simon Fitzgerald LLC have five decades of experience helping Louisiana residents overcome serious credit card debt and other financial problems. There are numerous types of bankruptcy, which often create multiple options for someone seeking immediate debt relief as a means of restoring financial stability. Our experienced legal team is fully equipped to address all aspects of bankruptcy, beginning with a thorough case assessment and recommendations as to which course of action may be best in a particular set of circumstances.