Reality TV stars apparently in need of debt relief

What is it about reality television shows that attracts so many viewers? Perhaps it’s somewhat therapeutic to see that other people have ups and downs in life, making one’s own problems feel a bit a less isolating. When it comes to financial crises, it seems even TV celebrities veer off the tracks once in a while. That’s been evident on the Real Housewives of New Jersey show, where more than one cast member has discovered the need for debt relief.

Margaret Josephs is a newer cast member who is married to Joseph Benigno. The two apparently took out mortgages on two homes that sit next to each other. Reality TV viewers who follow Josephs’ and Benigno’s story recently learned that the bank has begun foreclosure proceedings on both homes.

Another star on the show, Jacqueline Laurita successfully halted a foreclosure process on her home the first time around. However, she was back in the news this past summer when her lender again threatened to take ownership of her home. Whether a homeowner is a television celebrity or an average citizen, it’s never easy to face the possibility of losing one’s home.

There are often debt relief options available to help curtail the foreclosure process. Various steps can be taken to halt foreclosure in its tracks, such as by filing for bankruptcy protection. To discuss a particular situation, a concerned Louisiana homeowner may request a meeting with an experienced attorney who can offer advice as to which financial strategy might be best to keep from losing a home, as well as to improve the overall state of one’s finances.

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