Beware of debt relief scams

When Louisiana residents or others fall upon hard times financially, they may feel overwhelmed and desperate for help. The problem is, not everyone knows where to find legitimate debt relief assistance. In fact, many pursue what they believe to be valid avenues offering financial help only to later learn they have been scammed.

This happened to a woman in another state. She still owed a lot of money toward a student loan she secured to get herself through nursing school. She was knee-deep in debt when she heard about a company that was offering debt relief services.

The woman contacted the company, and by the end of her conversation with the representative on the other end of the phone, she became convinced that the company was legitimate and a potential option for her to get her finances back on track. She agreed to pay $1,000 to modify her existing loan. She wound up calling the company again because even after paying her fee, neither her loan balance nor her monthly payments changed.

A bit of research revealed that the company carried an “F” rating with the Better Business Bureau. Numerous complaints had been filed from people who said they paid for services they never received. Louisiana residents may be able to avoid similar pitfalls by knowing where to turn for valid debt relief assistance from the start. Many people rely on experienced attorneys well-versed in bankruptcy laws to provide counsel and effective representation to help them overcome even the most challenging financial obstacles.

Source:, “Action 9: Students feel taken by debt relief companies,” Oct. 16, 2017