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Phone and Video Appointments Are Available

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Debts and Chapter 7 discharges

Chapter 7 bankruptcy might be the preferable option for those who pass the requisite means test. Under Chapter 7 rules, particularly unsecured debts may face discharge, indicating the debtor no longer must pay the debts. However, not all debts face dismissal, and some...

Meeting the requirement for Chapter 7

When obligations to creditors become so massive that making minimum payments proves impossible, a debtor living in Louisiana could consider filing bankruptcy. A potential bankruptcy filer may prefer Chapter 7 liquidation bankruptcy to a Chapter 13 payment plan....

The truth about bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy may allow you to eliminate credit card, medical and other types of debts. However, it's not uncommon for Louisiana residents to refrain from seeking this type of debt relief because of the stigma associated with doing so. Filing for bankruptcy...

What is the automatic stay in bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy helps consumers in Louisiana get some of their unsecured debts forgiven through liquidation or repayment. If consumers get behind on debt, they could get calls from collectors. However, the automatic stay of bankruptcy is beneficial in this situation....



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