Companies accused of widespread debt relief crimes

The ebb and flow of the nation’s economy has more than one Louisiana resident struggling to stay afloat financially. In fact, it’s not uncommon at all nowadays to go through some sort of financial crisis in life. The problem is, some people are being duped into debt relief schemes where they wind up in worse financial condition than they were to start.

An active investigation is taking place in another state where a group of companies whose funds are conjoined is accused of defrauding people out of approximately $70 million. The alleged scheme has been ongoing since 2013. At least 150 telemarketers, managers and other staff members were supposedly involved.

Authorities claim the fake corporations were set up to offer debt relief services to unsuspecting customers. The clients were paying monthly fees, and in some cases, company officials secured loans that were supposed to be used to pay off debt, but weren’t. One man said his financial situation was even more dire after he had turned to the alleged debt relief agency for assistance.

The federal court has assigned a particular attorney with the task of reviewing accounts associated with the alleged debt relief scheme in order to recover funds for those adversely affected. Perhaps some people would have been able to avoid such problems had they consulted with an experienced debt relief attorney ahead of time. Any Louisiana individual in need of guidance may ask an attorney in the area to help him or her explore available options to satisfy debt and restore financial stability.