Credit card debt: Will filing bankruptcy lead to unemployment?

If you are one of many Louisiana residents who own a credit card, you may be also relate to those who have at some point carried a higher-than-preferred monthly balance. In fact, many people own more than one credit card, and any number of life issues may lead to serious credit card debt. Filing for bankruptcy is often a debt relief solution; however, some people hesitate to implement it because they fear they will be fired from their jobs or will not be able to obtain future employment, rent a home or will otherwise be outcast because of their financial situations.

Employers are prohibited under federal law from discriminating against employees who filed for bankruptcy. In short, you cannot be fired because you request bankruptcy, nor can you be discounted for future employment on those same grounds. Sometimes, bankruptcy is simply a logical step to take to build up long-term financial strength.

While it is true that bankruptcy will show on your credit report and will cause your score to be lower for a time, both are temporary issues that do not necessarily have to hold you back from financially recovering from serious credit card debt. Bankruptcy can help eliminate not only credit card debt but many other types of debt as well, although there are certain types of debt that cannot be discharged, such as child support or court-ordered compensation you must pay following a personal injury lawsuit. An experienced debt relief attorney can clarify which debts can be dissolved and which cannot.

Simon Fitzgerald LLC have successfully helped many Louisiana residents overcome credit card debt by filing for bankruptcy. If have questions regarding state or federal laws or about the application process, you can request a meeting to begin exploring your options. Today’s debt problem may be but a distant memory in the future if you obtain the knowledge and support needed to resolve financial crisis and lay the groundwork for restored financial stability in the future.