Do you need insight into how to stay out of medical debt?

While currently in good health and enjoying life in Louisiana, a future medical emergency could put your financial health at risk as you attempt to improve your physical health. Do you know what to do to keep this from happening? 

Forbes details ways to avoid medical debt. Already dealing with medical debt? These tips are good for that situation, as well.  

Understand the limits of your health insurance  

If you have health insurance, get a solid idea of how coverage works. Before you need emergency care, learn which medical care providers are in your current network, so you know immediately where to go. Know that while a physician may be part of your network, the lab she uses may not be, the cost of which comes out of your pocket.  

Learn how much future procedures and treatments cost  

Before scheduling a necessary medical procedure or treatment, shop around first, even if your insurance provider covers the cost. You likely have to pay a copay before your insurance kicks in, and doing some digging for the best price and quality can lower the price of that copay.  

Haggle with your bills  

Do you usually negotiate the cost of your medical bills? Ask the medical office or physician if there is anything you can do to get a discount, even if taking care of the bill is no problem for you.  

Make sure you get what you pay for  

In addition to negotiating, take a close and careful look at your bill to check for accuracy. Besides getting charged for services or hospital items you never received or used, you could accidentally pay for something your insurance provider covers.  

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.