Don’t let bankruptcy make you feel defeated

Chances are that you know people in Louisiana who have filed for bankruptcy. They may not have told you about it because a lot of people feel shame around the topic. However, bankruptcy is common, and you don’t need to let your bankruptcy make you feel defeated.

Ask what lessons you can learn from this

By the time you file for bankruptcy, you’ve already gone through a lot of financial struggling. Bankruptcy is usually the last resort, but it can often feel like a welcome relief from stress. Ask yourself during this time what lessons you have learned from all that you’ve gone through and how those lessons can help you in the future.

Open your eyes to the opportunities around you

So many people are afraid of change and end up getting stuck in the same self-defeating patterns. Bankruptcy can be a wake-up call that suddenly forces you to rethink what you’ve been doing.

When you analyze your budget and realize that it’s actually been impossible for you to pay your bills, your eyes can start opening to opportunities. If there’s a small business or side hustle you’ve always considered starting, now might be the right time to finally go for it. You might also start looking into career fields that you never considered before.

Make an action plan for a better future

No one who files for bankruptcy wants to have to file for a second time. Make sure that your “fresh start” gets off on the right foot by coming up with an action plan. You can do this by honestly assessing what got you into this situation and then writing down real steps that can help you to avoid it in the future.