How advanced technology affects those who need debt relief

It is not at all uncommon for Louisiana residents and others to encounter financial challenges in life. Any number of extenuating factors can prompt a serious need for debt relief. Such situations often also spark a series of unsolicited, potentially harassing phone calls due to automated dialing software made available through advanced technology.

The Federal Trade Commission says it is diligent in its efforts to protect consumers against illegal robocalls and other phone correspondence that violates Do Not Call restrictions. If a man or woman in this state is being hounded by callers who claim to be trying to collect a debt, they can, under certain circumstances, formally request that the calls cease. For instance, some types of bankruptcy activate an automatic stay against debt collection calls or litigation.

The FTC recently filed a complaint against two companies (owned by the same man) that apparently used software to generate approximately one billion illegal robocalls every year. Many of the calls reportedly violated the Do Not Call registry list. The FTC’s complaint also stated that the defendants used illegal robocalls for fraudulent debt relief services solicitation.

The court banned the defendants named in this case from all telemarketing and debt relief services. It also ordered the defendants to turn over all their assets and, until that has happened, to incur a judgment of $3.15 million, jointly and severally. This judgment will be suspended after available assets are turned over. Louisiana residents in need of debt relief may reach out for legal support at any time, especially those being harassed by illegal robocalls.