Shanna Miller


Attorneys They Work For:

Keith M. Welch
Shanna Miller portrait

Meet Shanna Miller, a legal assistant to Keith M. Welch & David K. Welch, passionate about helping people overcome overwhelming debt through bankruptcy. Shanna’s journey to becoming a paralegal was fueled by her desire to help individuals and families get a fresh financial start and alleviate the stress that often comes with debt and financial difficulties.

Shanna’s favorite part of working in a law firm is helping clients facing overwhelming debt. She values the opportunity to provide clients with the support and relief they need to help their situation. Shanna is most passionate about navigating the complex legal and financial issues involved in bankruptcy cases, which requires her to be detail-oriented and organized.

When she’s not working at the law firm, Shanna enjoys spending time with her family and attending college football or hockey games. Her favorite sports teams are LSU, Mudbugs Hockey, and Dallas Stars. Shanna also loves trying new places to eat and enjoys dining in her community at Texas Roadhouse, Nicky’s, or Sushi Gen.

Shanna is married and is a proud mom of four boys. She enjoys reading books like 50 Shades of Grey and watching TV shows like Ghost Adventures, Criminal Minds, and Investigation Channel. Shanna also loves listening to podcasts on true crime.

If you are looking for a paralegal who is compassionate, experienced, and dedicated to helping you get a fresh financial start, Shanna is the right choice. She is part of a team of legal experts at the law firm of Simon Fitzgerald, who is communicative, responsive, and always there to help you with your bankruptcy case.