Ashley Robinson

Legal Assistant


Meet Ashley Robinson, the welcoming receptionist and legal assistant at Simon Fitzgerald’s bankruptcy law firm. Ashley is dedicated to helping clients get the fresh start they need to move forward with their lives. Her passion for helping people in their time of need drew her to the legal profession, and she values making a positive first impression on clients when they walk in the door.

Ashley’s favorite part of working in a law firm is seeing clients get the help they need from attorneys. As a receptionist, Ashley is often the first point of contact for clients, and she takes pride in directing them in the right direction to ensure they get the assistance they need. In addition, she values making a positive first impression on the clients who walk through the door.

Outside of the office, Ashley is passionate about dogs, particularly bulldogs. She and her children are obsessed with them. When she’s not working, she can often spend time with her family and cheer on her favorite sports teams, including the Angels, the LA Kings, and the Chicago Bears. And when it comes to food, Ashley loves the fantastic barbecue at Bodacious BBQ.

Regarding bankruptcy law, Ashley wants prospective clients to know it’s not as scary as it might seem. Ashley and Simon Fitzgerald’s law firm team is here to help if you’re struggling with debt and need a fresh financial start. Whether you’re considering filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Ashley is ready to direct you to the right attorney and help you get the needed assistance.