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Some common bankruptcy myths explained

Bankruptcy in Louisiana is a useful tool to remove some unsecured debts. Medical debt, divorce and unexpected expenses are the top reasons people file for bankruptcy. However, some myths still circulate make that may make consumers hesitate to file. Consumers have to...

The truth about bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy may allow you to eliminate credit card, medical and other types of debts. However, it's not uncommon for Louisiana residents to refrain from seeking this type of debt relief because of the stigma associated with doing so. Filing for bankruptcy...

Tax returns for Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be a gamechanger if you are in debt. This way, you can pay back your creditors in installments over several years without having to worry about interest accruing. However, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can only help you if you follow the right steps,...

What is the automatic stay in bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy helps consumers in Louisiana get some of their unsecured debts forgiven through liquidation or repayment. If consumers get behind on debt, they could get calls from collectors. However, the automatic stay of bankruptcy is beneficial in this situation....



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