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Why would a bankruptcy discharge be denied?

Those filing for bankruptcy typically seek a discharge from the court. With a discharge order, the debtor no longer has obligations for certain debts. However, there might be instances where the court denies the discharge. Refusals to discharge a bankruptcy There must...

Can you afford bankruptcy in Louisiana?

One of the main reasons why people avoid filing for bankruptcy is they worry about how much it will cost. It might not cost as much as you fear, and there are some options for gathering the money to file or waiving the fees. Bankruptcy filing fee Filing for a Chapter...

Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy might be the most beneficial financial decision a debtor could perform. Anyone challenged by excessive creditor obligations may find themselves paying interest yearly without lowering the loan and credit card balances. Repossessions could become...

Cryptocurrency and bankruptcy concerns

Cryptocurrency investment opportunities grew in popularity for several reasons, and reports of significant investment returns played a role. No guarantees exist with cryptocurrency trading, as many Louisiana investors have likely learned. Digital assets experience...



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